Dry/ dull skin

Get the Bundle to start your skincare journey here. 

Step 1. 

Cleanse - With the Rose Clay or Cedarwood propolis bar. Morning and night. Massage your skin with love to remove buildup, dry skin, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

Step 2. 

Exfoliate - 2xs weekly with our Honey Face Exfoliator. Grab a small amount, mix with water or the rose clay bar suds and massage gently onto skin. Avoiding the eye area. 

Bonus tip* Take it down to your shoulders and chest. 

Step 3. 

Tone - With our Propolis infused Rose toner. Morning and night. To decongest and calm the skin. 

Step 4. 

 Prep - With the Vitamin C mist or Hyaluronic mist. Morning and night. To prep the skin for the next steps and for your serums and cream to bind to the water molecule in the mist for maximum skin absorption. 

Step 5. 

Nourish - With the Omega serum and Propolis Radiance serum. Morning and Night. To promote and nourish new skin cell growth and ensure long term care. 

Bonus Tip* If you're running low on time, mix your serums with the Royal Jelly Moisturizer for a hydrating skin "cocktail."

**Take it down to your shoulders and chest

Step 6. 

Protect - Royal Jelly Moisturizer. Morning and Night. To shield the skin from pollution and oxidative stress while maintaining a healthy moisture barrier.

Bonus Tips** Add double the layer at night for a restorative skin treatment while you sleep. Apply 30 minutes before bedtime. **Add to the lips as a hydrating balm. ***Take it down to your shoulders and chest.

Step 7. 

Success - For dry skin, finish with our vitamin C mist again to lock in moisture and apply throughout the day if necessary.